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About the Journal

The Journal has been established to help give a voice to communities, practitioners and academics to discuss and explore current and new directions in radical practice. The Journal will provide a forum for exploring, sharing and discussing practice from a variety of global perspectives.

Radical practice can mean a variety of things and we want to explore as diverse range of ideas, approaches, methods and experiences as possible. For example it could include experiences from community organising in the USA or elsewhere, Freirean or popular education practice from Asia, Africa or Latin America, new models of living and working as a response to austerity in western countries, developing social movements in the global south, a theoretical discussion of new ways of working or conceptualizing practice, or simply the experience in your community that adds something new.

The uniting theme in all these examples would be that the subject under discussion is committed to and/or tells us something about the possibility of social change, leads to the empowerment of individuals, develops critical awareness of the modern world, or enables a shift in the balance of power to the disadvantaged.

The Journey So Far....

*  The Journal is up and running and we are looking for submissions to include in future editions.

*  RCW has held a number of seminars in the UK exploring what we collectively understand to be radical practice and the diverse forms this can take. More seminars are being planned for 2017.

*  We have a Radical Community Work Blog where updates of activities will be posted.

*  Work is underway on creating a programme of online community work courses.

  1. * We will soon be establishing a consultancy for supporting local organisations.


Radical Community Work is a company registered in Scotland (SC524254) Publisher@rcwjournal.org


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Latest News

July 2016

The second edition of the Journal is now live. Click the ‘Go to the Journal’ link above to access the new edition.

Coming Soon

We will be organising more events in the UK to explore what people understand by radical practice.

Coming a bit later

Seminars, short courses, study tours, various books and extras. Further details in due course.....

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